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Conspiracy theory addicts love the September 11 attacks. They will try to convince people that the attacks were carefully planned by the US. They tend to distort facts and always seem to forget reality. People died that day not because the US needed a lame excuse to invade an unstable theocracy. They died because the unstable theocracies still function on a dark age mentality. A mentality that we abandoned a long time ago. A mentality in which a dogma is the single provider of what they think is reason. Religion doesn’t share the modern prejudices against murder. Take a fucking look at the old testament, you’ll see just what I’m talking about. If you start taking it seriously you’ll just find yourself agreeing with the point of view of the terrorists. Soon after that you will probably be taking up flying lessons.

There are no words for describing idolatry. There are no words for excusing murder.

For what is sometimes done in the name of god, there are no words.

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